Our hotel is located in the heart of Düsseldorf on the Oststraße, just opposite the famous Schumacher brewery. From here you can reach Düsseldorf's central station, the shopping streets Kö and Schadowstraße as well as the longest bar in the world - our Altstadt - in minutes.


Central Station
5 min.
City(Downtown) /Königsallee
2 min.
by foot
10 min.
by car / by train
Fair(Messe) Düsseldorf
15 min.
Fair(Messe) Köln
25 min.
by train
Old town
7 min.
by foot
Schumacher Brewery
0 min.
by foot
Capitol theatre
12 min.
by foot
Japan Centre Immermanstraße
5 min.
by foot

In close proximity

of the hotel you will find everything you need. bakery, pharmacy, supermarket and numerous restaurants.

Shopping experience Kö

Stroll along the Kö and Schadowstraße and discover your own personal treasure.


After work you can enjoy a cool Altbier in one of our world-famous private breweries in Düsseldorf. Directly opposite is the Schumacher brewery and in the old town you will find e.g. Uerige..

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